Table 2.

Results of survey on attitudes regarding interprofessional respect and training.

Nursing staff contributes more to patient outcomes than laboratory staffDisagree (%)Neutral (%)Agree (%)
CLS students pre-event (n = 29)52%41%10%
CLS students post-event55%41%3%
Nursing students pre-event (n = 37)27%30%41%
Nursing students post-event51%35%14%
The academic training for nurses is more rigorous than the training for CLS/MLS
CLS students pre-event76%24%3%
CLS students post-event69%31%0%
Nursing students pre-event24%51%22%
Nursing students post-event49%35%16%
Laboratory testing for genetic mutations is easy to perform and interpret
CLS students pre-event33%53%13%
CLS students post-event55%17%28%
Nursing students pre-event62%32%0%
Nursing students post-event68%19%5%